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Workforce Development Training Fund (Idaho)

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    Idaho Workforce Development Council


    The Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund (WDTF) provides funding to a variety of workforce development-based projects throughout the state. General goals of WDTF Grant Programs include:

    • Increase the economic mobility of Idahoans through training that leads to wage gains and retention.
    • Provide timely assistance to businesses while shifting focus to broader talent pipeline development strategies that serve multiple employers.
    • Support growth of the economy by assisting employers with job creation and integration of technology, specifically through the development of skills in their existing and/or new employees.
    • Provide a return on investment to Idahoans as evidenced by increased wages, job creation, capital investment, retention of Idaho's workforce, credential attainment and/or customer satisfaction (employer and trainee).
    • Promote innovation in talent development.
    • Encourage replication of best practices in talent pipeline development.

    WDTF is host to 4 distinct grant funding opportunities: Industry Sector Grants; Innovation Grants; Employer Grants; and Outreach Projects


    History of Funding

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    Additional Information

    Industry Sector Grants are designed to engage employers in developing new training solutions that address Idaho's workforce issues and fill skills gaps. Eligible use of grant funds includes:

    • Personnel costs for development and/or delivery of training; or tuition, fees, books and materials for existing training integrated into the program.
    • Personnel costs for the industry mentor/on-the-job trainer for structured on-the-job training.
    • Reasonable training facility costs.
    • Reasonable equipment costs and supplies.
    • Reasonable travel costs for the instructor and/or trainee.
    • Reasonable outreach/marketing efforts to attract individuals to the training program.
    • Cost of assessments associated with the provision of recognized credentials.

    Innovation Grants can fund projects that address local workforce development needs. Projects may provide skills training to individuals and/or assist individuals with connecting to careers.

    • New or enhanced training must address specific employer-identified skills gaps in the community; training cannot supplant or compete with current training opportunities.
    • Training may include work-based learning opportunities, classroom training, or virtual training that addresses the skill gaps identified by employers in the community.
    • Assisting individuals to connect to careers may include providing information and outreach on career education and workforce training opportunities and/or soft skill development.

    Employer Grants are available to Idaho employers who are increasing their current workforce and/or retraining existing workers with skills necessary for specific economic opportunities or industrial expansion initiatives.

    Outreach Projects provide public information and outreach on career education and workforce training opportunities, including existing education and training programs and services not funded by the training fund. Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis.


    Amanda Ames

    Amanda Ames
    317 W. Main Street
    Boise, ID 83735

  • Eligibility Details

    Industry Sector Grants - A business entity representing a consortium of at least three industry partners with a similar talent development needs. All industry partners must meet current WDTF business requirements for employer grants. The business entity may be any of the following:

    • an industry partner
    • a non-profit or community-based organization
    • a public or private training provider

    All consortium partners must sign an MOU using a template provided by the Council.

    Innovation Grants - The lead applicant must represent a community-based team with representation and support from business, education and other community partners as an ideal partnership. The lead applicant must be an entity physically located in the State of Idaho with the fiscal capacity to track funds and safeguard spending

    Employer Grants - Idaho employers who are increasing their current workforce and/or retraining existing workers with skills necessary for specific economic opportunities or industrial expansion initiatives are eligible. Additional requirements for employers are listed in the program guidance.

    Outreach Projects - Eligible applicants include: State Agencies; Educational institutions; Non-profit organizations; Employers 

    Deadline Details

    Workforce Development Training Fund Grant Application Deadline: Grant applications are usually reviewed each month by the Workforce Development Council's Grant Review Committee. Committee meetings take place on the 4th Tuesday of each month, grant applications are due by the end of the day on the 1st of each month. Outreach Proposal applications are usually reviewed the first Wednesday of each month. Grants needing additional information or revision may be moved to the next month's meeting for review. Please check for posted meeting dates.

    Award Details

    Industry Sector Grants vary in size and scope. Grants last three years. The industry consortium, together with its training provider partner, must provide resources that directly support the proposed training, at a rate of no less than 25 percent cash, or no less 100 percent in-kind match, or a combination of cash and in-kind match. Administrative costs cannot exceed ten percent (10%) of the WDTF grant award. Excess administrative costs may be applied towards match requirements.

    Innovation Grants are available for up to $25,000. Grantees may have more than one Innovation Grant project open. However, past performance will be reviewed and taken into consideration into future awards. Applicants may apply for funding to serve more than one region. The budget for each region cannot exceed $25,000. Projects are to last 1 year.

    Employer Grants use a quantitative funding model for validating eligibility and to determine the maximum amount of funding for training per job for new and retained jobs based on several weighted factors. Projects may last up to 2 years.

    Outreach Projects are selected by the Outreach committee based on the amount of available earmark funding for training initiatives. Projects may last up to 3 years.

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